Toxicological laboratory

  • Toxicology
    Toxmed provides Toxicological consultancy and expertise in toxicological-forensic, pharmaceutical, agri-food area and in the sector of biocide, biostimulant and plant protection products.
  • Agrifood
    In the agri-food field, the Toxmed laboratory provides its analytical knowledge to guarantee the safety of your products and their compliance with sector regulations
  • Research and development
    The Toxmed Research and Development center is constantly engaged in technical-scientific activities aimed at the study of new analytical methodologies and the development of new formulations of plant protection products, biocides and biostimulants
  • (Q)SAR
    In silico toxicity assessment
  • Chemical-physical analysis



Research and development


Chemical-physical analysis

TOXMED is run by qualified experts who, through an innovative spin-off from the University of Cagliari, are able to offer toxicological-forensic, agri-food and biocide, biostimulating and phytosanitary products and services.