Toxicological laboratory

Research and development

The Toxmed Research and Development center is constantly engaged in technical-scientific activities aimed at the study of new analytical methodologies and the development of new formulations of plant protection products, biocides and biostimulants



The research activity takes advantage of the decennial experience of its team and using cutting edge analytical equipment with high laboratory standards deals with:


Development and improvement of formulations of plant protection products, biocides and biostimulants

The innovation of the formulations is necessary for companies to respond to increasingly stringent EU regulations and to meet a global market that actively requires an increasingly sustainable green chemistry that reduces the impact on the environment and on the costs that derive from it .

Toxmed deals with the improvement of phytosanitary, biocide and bio-stimulant formulations currently available on the market and the development of new formulations focusing on the search for new natural and low-risk substances that allow the lowest possible environmental impact, safeguarding and improving the effectiveness of the products.



Development and improvement of analytical methodologies

Chemical analyzes are an indispensable tool for companies with a view to innovation and for the control of product quality and the production chain, in fact they must meet the needs of a global market which, with an emphasis on health and impact environmental, requires increasingly high performance tests that guarantee the safety of the entire production process from raw materials to final products.

Based on customer requests, Toxmed can develop and validate new qualitative methods that allow:

  • Ensure the quality, reliability and consistency of the analytical results
  • Define and certify Shelf life
  • Expand the application of a method to new matrices
  • Identification and quantification of unknown impurities, degradation products or metabolites


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