Toxicological laboratory


Toxmed provides 360 ° consultancy and toxicological expertise, putting its skills at the customer's service, using cutting-edge analytical equipment and following high laboratory standards constantly occured with the participation of interlaboratory circuits.



Toxicology in forensic, pharmaceutical, agri-food area.

  • Toxicological reports for medico-legal use in cases of intoxication by substances of abuse
  • Consultations for identification of poisonous substances in food matrices
  • Analysis of the hair in order to identify the presence of substances of abuse and drugs
  • Verification of the composition and stability of pharmaceutical and nutraceutical products purchased on the web
  • Determination of the titre of a known active ingredient




Toxicological consultancy in the sector of biocide, biostimulants and plant protection products.

  • Preliminary toxicity and ecotoxicity studies 
  • Determination and characterization of impurities 
  • In silico studies of the toxicity of plant protection products (QSAR)
  • Search for degradation products or metabolites




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